Intelligent Surveillance

Focus surveillance efforts on the moments that matter most

Surveillance cameras spotted at Barcelona’s design museum.

UKPIK automates remote surveillance through AI powered object detection and video classification. By filtering out false alarms, critical events are never overlooked thereby increasing security and avoiding subsequent costs. Video analytics can be deployed on servers on-premise or in the cloud with a personalized API and integrate with existing VMS or legacy infrastructure.


  • Video Motion Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Filters out false alarms
  • Video object counter
  • Custom feature creation
  • Camera fault detection
  • Tracking direction of travel
  • Real time alerts
Powerful control center

Monitor & manage surveillance operation in real time

  • Monitor video flow
  • Manage scale of video analytics
  • Detailed analytics dashboard

Success Case Intelligent CCTV
Video Surveillance Automation for a major Security operator

Why choose UKPIK Video Analytics?

  • All camera types

    Adaptable to all camera types and technologies - infrared, thermal, visible, of all qualities

  • Scalable

    Can be deployed on an unlimited amount of cameras to scale to your network needs

  • Easy integration

    Easy integration with all server types, VMS, and existing infrastructure. UKPIK can be deployed on premise and in the cloud through a personalized API

  • Low server costs

    Minimal server costs and memory consumption with real time video flow processing

How it works?

Security camera

Video retrieval

UKPIK retrieves videos from your VMS using a personalized API or reads existing video files.

Object identification

UKPIK analyses the video flow with a hybrid approach. It extracts pre-identified objects of interest from videos using our feature catalog, before passing them on to our proprietary machine learning models for classification. Object features can be customized for the client depending on specific needs.

Video classification & filtering

Videos are classified according to objects present in the video (categorized into those that pose a risk: human, vehicle; and those that are safe: flag, animals, weather). Videos that do not pose a threat are filtered out, eliminating false alarms.

Notify personnel

Videos that cannot be confidently deemed as safe are sent to your surveillance operators or control center to be examined by a human in real time.