Visual intelligence

Master your video and image data, thanks to Ukpik intelligent platform

State of the art AI, in real time

Transform your videos in key insights

Our proprietary algorithms, mixing the best of deep learning with heuristics based on movement and behavior enable to target key information from videos. Whatever your use case, Ukpik will know what matters, in real time.

Deep learning
Ukpik is powered by cutting edge deep neural networks.
Behavioural heuristics
Our proprietary movement-based modelling boosts the neural nets model in a spectacular way. It brings Ukpik an intelligence of situation unseen before.
Adapts to all your flows
HD cameras, thermal, moving, low res, or even social network videos? Ukpik manages them all.
Transform your data in value

Data centric VMS

Welcome to data centric, AI-first VMS.Master your videos, manage and configure your camera park, label and enrich your data to make the best of AI capabilities.

Easy deployment
All flows are managed in real time, from all sources.
AI assisted labeling
Enrich your data thanks to our cutting edge labeling interface, powered by AI.
Master your sensors
Configure scenarios per camera, identify maintenance needs in real time, and access continuous reporting on all your sources.
GDPR compliant, by design
Ukpik extracts main features of interest from videos, in real time and filters out information enabling individual identification, making it impossible.
use cases

Numerous use cases

We've been designing new use cases emerging from our partners' needs continuously, empowered by advanced labeling and proprietary algorithms of visual awareness.Ukpik stands out in terms of versatility.
Ukpik is able to detect moving humans and vehicles on all types of cameras, with an unseen before reliability.

You can forget about confusions with flags, rain, parked cars, polluting your flow.Thanks to our hybrid proprietary models, mixing the best of deep learning with behavioral heuristics, Ukpik perceives in a clear way what matters.

Define alerting scenarios that you want. Movement, crossing, stops, you name it.

Possibilities are endless, and we develop them day after day to offer you the dexterity of your dreams in managing your sources.Detect people or vehicle crossing, or both, vehicles stopping where they shouldn't, ignore a zone, configure your scenarios to be active between 9 to 5 during weekdays if you like, or by night.

How to fight theft in retail? Ukpik identifies suspicious behaviors in aisles to guide your controls in store.

Fight more efficiently against theft: Ukpik guides your security personnel on targeted controls, based on behavioral analysis.
Optimize your fight against theft in an efficient and discrete way.


Options are endless.People and vehicle counting, PPE detection, soundtrack analysis, biometry, suspicious behaviors.

It opens endless opportunities to harness the values of your video data.
Understand who comes in your stores, what behaviors your products trigger, and what to optimize, all in a perfect compliance with GDPR.Ukpik's proprietary algorithmic architecture powers its configurability, and its ability to focus and detect different subjects of interest, depending on your needs.

Master your sources

Access a new understanding of your sensors and sources from day one. Surf across your camera park in a few clicks.

Master your data

Get a fine understanding of your video history, updated in real time. Understand precisely your flows, clips, thanks to Ukpik visual intelligence and exploration interface.

Label fast, label well

Transform your raw videos into pure information gold.Labeling through Ukpik is a blast. Thanks to our advanced interface and AI assisted labeling, you can easily target what matters, and guide the algorithm through continuous labeling.


Define what you want Ukpik to see and focus on. Many scenarios are already available. You imagine one that is not? Contact us and we'll be pleased to add it to Ukpik's ability.


Ukpik is pure visual intelligence, source of value for many sectors
Entrepôts & logistique
  • Intrusions
  • Access control
  • Counting
  • Tracking
  • Fire start
  • Suspicious behaviors detection
  • Counting & tracking
  • Population insights
  • Behavioral insights
  • Fire start
  • Vehicle identification
  • Counting
  • Tracking
  • Safety
Safe / smart cities
  • People counting
  • Zoning & tracking
  • Vehicle identification
  • Traffic management
  • Fire start
  • Assault detection
  • Access control
  • Countings
  • Tracking & Vehicle identification
  • Fire start
Manufacturing & chantiers
  • Object detection
  • Access control
  • Counting & tracking
  • PPE detection
  • Fire start
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